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Aenon – is a specialized self-hosted platform designed to support the management of data, projects, users and file transfer in Trusted Research Environments.
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One Platform to Manage Tre Work

Aenon offers complete TRE operations control and management in one place. Manage all your tre data, projects, users, file transfers, tickets and knoweldge in one scalable platform.
Managing research projects within Trusted Research Environments (TREs) demands precision, security, and collaboration. Aenon offers complete TRE operations control and TRE project management in one place.
Tre Project Workspace
Manage every project in one place, Consolidate all projects, assets, tasks, milestones, file transfer requests, approvals, outputs and notes, into one single source of truth.
TRE Project Support
Provide support to all projects from one central location, from Data to transfer, support and change requests, Aenon has everything you need to support your projects efficiently.
Zero to Data Catalog in Hours. Transforms data chaos into clarity. Easily discover, access, and explore your research assets with a centralized and intuitive catalog. Say goodbye to data silos and information overload.
Centralize Data Access
Give your team centralize access to data no matter where they are. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple login credentials and hello to a streamlined data access management process.
Complete Access to All Your Data
Remote Storage Attach is the window into all your your different cloud storages. It allows you to connect, present and provide access to your data held in different clouds.
Aenon provides a fully secured airgapped file transfer mechanism that allows for secure ingress and egress to your secure environment without human error exfiltration or compromise.
Streamlined TRE File Transfer
Replace your manual processes and legacy scripts with a better way to automate secure file transfers. Streamlines workflows ensure that files get to where they need to go, fast.
All inclusive Transfer Solution
As a 'Five Safes' compliant solution, Aenon provides a secure data outputs mechanism that ensures that outputs are logged, approved and delivered securely only to the authorised persons.
Resolve Tre Queries and give your users the help they need fast. Aenon gives you the tools you need to manage and resolve tre project issues and queries as they arise. Your users can create tickets and track the status of their queries.
Streamlined TRE Support
Aenon empowers you to address support requests swiftly, maintain clear communication, and prioritize critical issues, all while safeguarding the continuity of your research.
Instant Knowledge Access
Aenon's built-in Knowledge Base empowers your users to access critical information swiftly, collaborate effectively, and unlock the collective wisdom of the team.
As a 'Five Safes' compliant solution, Aenon comes built with advanced security and compliance features that can help you reduce the burden of periodic compliance related activities.
Regulatory Compliance
Navigating complex regulations is easier with Aenon. We align with industry-specific and regional compliance standards, providing you with the tools and features necessary for adherence.
Security and Audits
Simplify compliance reporting with comprehensive audit trails. Aenon logs every action, ensuring that you have a transparent and traceable record of all activities within your TRE.

An All-in-One Solution

Unlock the full potential of your TRE with an all-in-one solution that has everything you need to manage data, projects, users, outputs, support and knowledge. Unlock Efficiency and Collaboration in Your TRE.
TRE Data Catalog

Aenon makes your TRE data easy to find, understand, and access so you can do more with your data.

TRE Project Manager

Bring your team’s tasks, projects, and outputs together. Onboard, Track, and manage all projects in your TRE.

TRE File Transfers

Streamline your file Transfer process with Single tool that lets you Request, Approve and Release files with ease.

TRE Support System

Be there for your Users. Resolve project blockers, fulfil TRE requests and organise Knowledge in one place.

Remote Storage Attach

Allows you to Provide safe and secure project access to your data no matter where they are.

Remote Desktop Access

Provide your users Access to compute resources right from Aenon, without additional plugins or extensions.

Built for Tre in the Cloud

With built in integrations Aenon allows you safely connect and extend your TRE on-demand to other cloud storages. Our extensive collection of integrations with cloud providers will allow you access and work with all your files, in one place.

One Tool, Many Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your TRE with an all-in-one solution that has everything you need to manage data, projects, users, outputs, support and knowledge. Unlock Efficiency and Collaboration in Your TRE.
Zero to TRE in Hours

With our streamlined setup and deployment, you can go from zero to fully operational TRE faster than ever before.

One Tool Solution

With Aenon, you don't need a multitude of tools; you need just one—Manage data, projects, security, compliance, and more—all in one place

Enable Hybrid or Multi cloud TRE

Aenon allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple cloud storages into your research ecosystem, ensuring flexibility and scalability like never before

Modular and Customizable

Build the TRE that aligns with your research objectives. Aenon is your canvas for creating a TRE that fits your vision perfectly.