What Makes Aenon Unique?

Aenon was designed to handle the intricacies of Data Analytics Projects in Secure Environments. From Secure data ingress and egress to data discovery, metadata management and many more.
Manage Data Projects Of Any Size
Aenon offers a range of powerful features that are tailored to the unique needs of data managers, making it the perfect tool for anyone who needs to manage data projects effectively.
Delegate With Confidence
Aenon makes it simple to delegate resources and manage complex tasks, ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time and working towards a common goal.
Build Your Data Catalog in Hours!
Effortlessly catalog all of your datasets and data assets in one centralized location within hours. Say goodbye to searching through multiple systems and hello to centralized data organization.
Centralize Data Access
Give your team centralize access to data no matter where they are. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple login credentials and hello to a streamlined data access management process.
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Secure 2 Way Data Transfer
Aenon provides a secure data transfer mechanism that allows data to be ingressed and egressed from the secure environment while ensuring that it remains safe from unauthorized access.
Secure and Streamlined Outputs
As a 'Five Safes' compliant solution, Aenon provides a secure data outputs mechanism that ensures that outputs are logged, approved and delivered only to the authorised persons.
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Full Control and Visibility
As a 'Five Safes' compliant solution, Aenon comes built with advanced security features ensure that access and actions around your data are logged and monitored at every stage.
Play by your Security Rules
Aenon was built with SRE rules in mind as such the solution is ready to work within your existing security policy without compromise. Aenon gives organizations full control over their data and projects.
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Amazon S3 Storage
The Aenon integration to AWS S3 Object Storage allows you set AWS S3 as your primary storage location for all Aenon Modules.
Azure Blob Storage
This integration allows you to Mount any Azure Blob Container or Directory directly into the Aenon Assets Module as a folder.
Active Directory LDAP - coming Soon
The Aenon integration to Active Directory allows your users to use their Active Directory credentials to log in to Aenon